Honey Don’t

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Written by, Lee Zimmerman

Bluegrass Situation

May 2014

RANDOM PICKINGS with Lee Zimmerman
Honey Don’t, Heart Like A Wheel
(2Dolla Reccas)

Honey Don’t’s sophomore set brings their gentle Americana sound sharply into focus, bringing them comparison to the likes of Poco and the Flying Burrito Brothers through emulating and not imitating. Incorporating the standard instrumental additives -- banjo, fiddle, mandolin etc. -- they put melody at the forefront, resulting in a selection of songs that grab hold even on first encounter. There are several standouts -- “Breakin Down,” “Feel Like Going Home” and “Heart Like a Wheel” among them -- but it’s their creative spin on Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” that demonstrates the band’s savvy and superiority. Indeed, Heart Like A Wheel is flush with instant accessibility, thanks mostly to the efforts of the groups two mainstays, Bill Powers and Shelley Gray, whose talents turn this set into something spectacular. Borne from the heartland, this is an album that ought to garner the group widespread appeal.