Honey Don’t

Krenten Uit de pop Review

Written by, Erwin

Krenten Uit de Pop

Translated by, Rudy Koopsen

February 2014

Today for the weekly tip I arrived in the category less known talent in roots happenings in the town of Paonia, Colorado, a town with 1500 people in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It's the home base for Honey Don't.

It's a duo that's formed with Bill Powers and Shelley Gray. They where also participants of the group the also unknown group Sweet Sunny South. With Hearth like a wheel Honey Don't made a Roots Record that has been difficult for me to take out of my CD player. Bill powers and Shelley Gray make traditional roots music that's full of different influences. On one side it's 70’s country rock but it also does not make a secret about the preference of traditional bluegrass and country and western.

In the strong songs Bill Powers is with his raw voice in the foreground along with his great acoustic and electric guitar work. The support vocals are very important for the complete sound of Honey Don't. Shelley Gray is responsible for those and in the more sensitive songs Shelley takes the foreground although Bill is ready to take over whenever possible. Some of those songs remind me of the works of Gillian Welch and Dave Rawlings and this is the biggest compliment I need to make for a duo of this calibre. Honey Don'ts Heart Like a Wheel surprises with their extreme rare and wonderful lyrics and quality created music with pleasure crafted and beautifully arranged. There are songs that just sound a little different that makes it so much more interesting. It has a pretty simple production but the cd sounds also because of the right on accents from the great amount of plentiful instruments warm and glowing. Bill and Shelley succeeded in making a CD that sounds directly familiarly pleasant. It's a CD that could have been made 10-20-30 or 40 years ago but it also is capable of sounding awesome 10-20 years in the future. It's timeless roots music that makes you long for a front porch in the Deep South of the US on days where time is plentiful and nothing in the world is necessary.

It was the quality of the CD that overwhelmed me right from the start and that it does not wear out. You can listen to it endlessly and the enthusiastic atmosphere from this duo strikes you and pulls you in and takes you over so you get influenced by this full  inthralling musical work. Any person that loves American Roots Music needs to listen to this CD.