Honey Don’t

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Written by, Rachel C.

No Depression

April 2014

Sometimes all of the emails I get from hopeful musicians is tiring. But then there are gems like Honey Don't, a husband-wife duo from Colorado that just gets it. It makes sense; Bill Powers has his own folk music radio show on the local public broadcast radio station. He and Shelley Grey also play in a bluegrass band called Sweet Sunny South. Heart Like a Wheel is more squarely focused on folk and roots music and it hits every note.

The love ballads like "Heart Like a Wheel" or "Colorado Wine" take a measured, graceful pace. "Rock And a Hard Place" offers well-deserved political commentary and Powers' guitar on "Breakin' Down" is so intense you can feel his body turn as he shows the fretboard who's boss. Grey's vocals soar throughout even as she holds down the low end. Powers and Grey are consummate songwriters and musicians. Let them take you for a spin.