Honey Don’t

Pow’r Pickin’ REview

Written by, Brad Weismann


Sept 2009


Honey Don't

2Dolla Reccas

Multi-instrumentalist Bill Powers and bassist Shelley Gray are best known for their work with Sweet Sunny South, but they have long been a couple, both personally and professionally.  On Honey Don’t they go off on a whimsical, charming tangent that is the warmest release yet this year.

Using Powers’ songs as the engine, they join forces with mandolinist Greg Schochet and fiddler Ryan Drickey on this album, which swings through wry humorous pieces, quiet ballads and melancholy interludes.  The power of the CD comes through its laid-back virtuosity -- no one is trying to set the land-speed record on the strings.  Instead, everything serves the songs at hand, which is as it should be. 

Two magnificent covers are buried in the center of the tracks -- a lovely rendition of “Pallet on your Floor” and “The Cuckoo.”  The latter is especially welcome -- it takes some of the edge off memories of listening to the frighteningly creepy original recording on Harry Smith’s Anthology of American Music.

Aaron Youngberg, late of Hit & Run and now with Finders & Youngberg, helped produce the effort, which evinces steady care.  If the title cut and “For the Sake of Love” don’t move to the top of your playlist soon, you just aren’t listening intently enough.