Honey Don’t


“Honey Don't rocks!  Well actually, it bluegrassizes and old-times, which is infinitely better.  In just three songs, you all have definitely carved out a niche for yourselves and developed an immediately recognizable sound--a mixture of bluegrass and old time propelled by some sharply crafted tunes with some real meat on them.”   Dave Higgs,  Nashville Public Radio

“Honey Don’t is pure unadulterated fun -great singing and songwriting that will make you want to get up and dance around the jukebox.”  Mollie O’Brien

“Your singing and songs get right to the heart of what I love about bluegrass and country music”  Pete Wernick, Dr. Banjo.com

Bill and Shelley Powers along with string-wizard, Randy Utterback, played a beautiful series of songs for an appreciative room.  Their vocals sounded so nice and Randy’s work on Tele, Mando and Violin was impressive.  Excellent trio.  Up on the charts and getting lots of play for a good reason.”  Steve from Steve’s Guitars

"It's hard to imagine a old-timey bluegrassy duo with the energy of a whole band but that's exactly what we got with Honey Don't. Bill and Shell gave the Torrey Music Festival crowd an amazing performance with great harmony a full sound with plenty of tasty licks and excellent material. They are truly a dynamic duo"

Steve Lutz, promoter Torrey Festival, UT

“Out of the chute this band has a style, a sound and a defined point of view as distinctive and compelling as those of the finest roots outfits extant.  Crackling with life and overflowing with soul, its music rare and true, Honey Don’t exalts the human spirit.” 

Dave McGee, TheBluegrassSpecial.com